November 8, 2018

Over the past year we have been hard at work building something we’re incredibly proud of. In January 2019, we’ll be releasing Makeswift, a collaborative, visual website builder for teams. Makeswift is like Google Docs meets Sketch for building custom websites.

Starting on December 1st, 2018, we will be shifting our engineering and support resources to Makeswift so that we can continue to create delightful new experiences for our customers. This exciting new product also marks the beginning of some changes for current Landing Lion users:

In-app chat support will no longer be available in Landing Lion. While chat support is going away on Landing Lion, we will be providing chat support on Makeswift.

Email support for current Landing Lion customers will continue but in a limited capacity. We’re a small team that will be working hard to support all of our customers through this transition. Our response time might be slower than you’re used to but rest assured, we’ll still be here! 

Effective immediately, we won’t be making any improvements or bug fixes to Landing Lion. We’ve been listening to your feedback and Makeswift is going to address many of the issues and feature requests we’ve heard from yo. We look forward to working closely with our Founding Makers to continue to create the web’s best way to build the web. 


So, what exactly is a Founding Maker?

We’re calling our first Makeswift customers Founding Makers. These early customers will help us build on our product vision and will have lifetime access to Makeswift at a locked-in price, including unlimited seats, all new features, and unlimited sites. There are a limited number of Founding Maker spots available and we want to make sure our Landing Lion customers get the first chance to join us. 

So does this mean you’re planning to shut Landing Lion down?

Yes, but not right away. Our priority is to help our Landing Lion customers move over to Makeswift so that you can continue to create beautiful and powerful web content. Once we have done everything we can to help our customers make the transition, we will communicate details and timing around sunsetting Landing Lion.

What if I want to keep my pages on Landing Lion?

You can for the time being! We will let you know as soon as we have more details on officially sunsetting Landing Lion. Until then, everything will run as usual except for the changes to support mentioned above. 

What about all of the pages I built on Landing Lion? Will I lose my content if I switch to Makeswift?

We know that change is hard so we are going to do everything we can to make the switch as smooth as possible, including helping our Founding Makers migrate their content to Makeswift. We’ll be sending details about how this process will work for Founding Makers over the coming weeks.

Why is Makeswift a new product rather than an update to Landing Lion?

Recent advancements in web technology have unlocked a whole new set of possibilities. In order to capture our product vision, we need to utilize these new tools. Migrating to these new tools would be a painful process for both our customers and our development team, so we’ve decided to build a new product from the ground up. Once we make it through the transition, we will be able to ship features much more quickly to a product that is unparalleled in quality and speed.

Why the rebrand?

We know, we know, Felix the lion will be sorely missed. While we love the brand we’ve built, the vision for our product has expanded way beyond landing pages. Makeswift represents what makes us unique – the ability to move fast and be creative at the same time. 

We're listening.

We're so grateful for your support over the years. If you have more questions about these changes, send them our way at We hope you'll join us as a Founding Maker!